Waste management and recycling

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If your organisation is working in the private sector, contracted by local authorities, or you are running municipal operations from within the public sector, our specialist team understands what’s needed to assist you in delivering your services.

Whether you’re collecting refuse and recycling from homes, businesses or transfer stations, or delivering to treatment facilities or dismantling centres, we’ll make sure your fleet is available, safe, maintained and compliant at all times.



Accountability and funding

As organisations that deliver publically-funded services or businesses conducting commercial and industrial services, you need to ensure full accountability. Whether you’re a local authority or a private company contracted to provide a service, our expert guidance can help you maximise budgets, minimise capital spend and manage your costs efficiently. Our flexible funding packages cover all types of vehicles and assets in the waste management and recycling sector.

Vehicle utilisation

Downtime can incur significant costs for your business as a result of financial penalties for non-delivery of service or short-term hire fees associated with bringing in specialist vehicles or equipment. We’ll work closely with you to optimise vehicle maintenance and downtime management. This minimises your costs and inconvenience to your customers.

Specialist vehicles

Collecting, transporting, re-handling, disposing and recycling waste requires a diverse range of vehicles. Whether you require street cleaning equipment, specially equipped vans, recycling and refuse collection vehicles, hook loaders, pavement and street sweepers, fork lift trucks, wheeled and tracked hydraulic excavators or wheel loaders, we’ve got it covered. We can fund, source and manage any type of vehicle you need. Our specialist team can even design and build manage bespoke vehicles for your fleet.

Full fleet management

Your fleet may need tailor made servicing schedules to run smoothly. Our specialist teams comprise sector-specific technical consultants and expert account managers. Working together, they understand all of the challenges and requirements you face from the ground up, and offer a full range of fleet management services to match your needs.



Specialist and bespoke vehicles

We can source specialist vehicles and ancillary equipment for all aspects of the waste management and recycling sector. Our specialist design and build team can develop and deliver bespoke vehicles to match your fleet’s precise requirements.

Funding consultancy

Our sector-specific consultants will work with you to identify cost-saving programmes and improve efficiency across your organisation. We offer funding packages for all waste management and recycling vehicles.

Total fleet management services

Our comprehensive range of services, including fleet administration, compliance, maintenance, accident management, breakdown and recovery, downtime management, and management information, is designed to meet the specific needs of your waste management and recycling fleet.



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