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Mining and quarrying activities make a vital contribution to the country’s productivity and prosperity. It’s their materials that make building new homes, schools, offices and factories possible and keep our rail and road networks running. At Hitachi Capital we understand all aspects of this vital sector, from the ground up. Our specialist teams have an in-depth understanding of the challenges involved in surface mining and quarrying, and across the wider construction and infrastructure sectors.

Working with you as a trusted partner, we’ll ensure your fleet is readily available, safe and well maintained at all times.



Flexible Funding

Surface mining and quarrying require highly specialised vehicles. These can be extremely costly to purchase outright, with some machines costing millions of pounds. Our expert guidance and flexible leasing options take the pressure off, allowing you to choose the option that’s right for you and freeing up capital to invest elsewhere in your business.

Optimising performance

Your vehicles work in extremely tough and demanding environments, so keeping them commissioned and minimising costly downtime are top priorities. Our specialist downtime management team use real-time data from on-board telematics to monitor operating hours, tracking, idle time, downtime, fuel consumption and operating modes to optimise vehicle performance and efficiency and deliver tangible savings for your business.

Safety and compliance

Safety is paramount on busy mining and quarrying sites, so it’s essential that your vehicles are operating correctly and are fully compliant. We’ll work closely with you to optimise vehicle compliance, availability and safety. Our machine management services cover maintenance, defect reporting, onsite servicing and repair, damage recharge and management information reporting. 

Specialist design and build

Many projects call for a wide range of earth moving machines that can perform in extremely challenging environments. From giant hydraulic excavators to cement trucks, rigid dump trucks and heavy mobile equipment, we can source or design and build specialist or bespoke vehicles and equipment to match the rigorous demands of your unique fleet. 



Total fleet management

The smooth operation of your fleet requires a range of services. Administration, compliance, maintenance management, defect reporting, onsite servicing and repair, accident management, breakdown and recovery, downtime management, SMR, and telematics - we can provide any and all of these services, all of which can be configured to meet the specific needs of your business. 

Technical consultancy

Downtime, idle vehicles and hired equipment can result in unnecessary costs to your business. Our technical specialists use telematics insights to identify ways of improving efficiency across projects, reducing downtime and reliance on costly short-term hires, and delivering savings to your business. 

Flexible finance

We’ll ensure your contract terms precisely meet your needs – whether you need HGVs, specialist vehicles, bespoke vehicles or ancillary equipment. Our funding, maintenance and consultancy solutions across the mining and quarrying, construction, utilities and infrastructure sectors cover it all. 

Specialist vehicles

From giant hydraulic excavators to rigid dump trucks and wheel loaders, we’ve got it covered. Hitachi Capital can manage the sourcing or development and delivery of specialist HGV, plant and bespoke earth moving vehicles to match the needs of your fleet.



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