British Gas

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Developing the UK’s largest electric van pilot to help British Gas make the case for going electric

Secured an order for 113 electric vehicles and received commitment from British Gas to make 10% of its fleet electric

Achieved an annual saving on van fleet running costs

Worked with Nissan to develop electric vans that can perform in the toughest conditions 

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The brief from British Gas

British Gas were already interested in exploring electric vehicles, but they had to be convinced that electric would:

  • Reduce the fleet’s CO2 output and other harmful tailpipe emissions
  • Be both safe and reliable and work effectively throughout the year
  • Cost at least 10% less than traditional diesel engines
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The solution we provided

We developed the UK’s largest pilot of electric vans, working with manufacturer Nissan to gain unprecedented access to trial pre-production electric vans and lead on their modification. 

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The results

  • Demonstrated that electric vans can be a cost-effective choice compared to conventional combustion engines, and that they perform well even in the toughest conditions
  • Following the pilot, British Gas committed to making 10% of its fleet electric
  • Achieved an average of 10% reduction in running an electric van fleet versus traditional diesel engine fleet
  • Convinced the UK’s third largest fleet operator on the benefits of electric vehicles, therefore influencing the vehicle choice of other large fleet operators