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We have over 30 years’ experience in Sale & Leaseback arrangements and are true experts in our field.

We have helped businesses take control of their fleet costs, saving them thousands, as well as having a full transparent view of their fleet repairs and maintenance schedules.

By selling your fleet to us and leasing it back, we take on the risk and you get the cash boost for your business. 

The benefits of Sale & Leaseback

If you currently own outright a fleet of vehicles, we can buy them from you and lease them back at a fixed monthly cost for a fixed period of time giving you an immediate, significant cash boost to your business.

Reduced Risk

✔ 100% of your depreciation risk is removed, protecting you from uncertainty in the used car market

✔ 100% of your maintenance and repair risk is removed, protecting your budget from unexpected repairs, and potential labour/parts price increases

Improved Budgeting

✔  You will pay a fixed, monthly instalment covering your lease plus all of your service, maintenance, repair and breakdown costs

✔  You have full transparency of your fleet costs, potentially saving you thousands in unnecessary fleet expenditure

Cash Boost

✔  Receive the full market value for your owned vehicles based on current age and mileage

✔ Release cash from your fleet to inject into your core business.

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