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Why fleet professionals can’t ignore the rise of alternatively-fuelled vehicles

20171214_Why fleet professionals can’t ignore the rise of alternatively-fuelled vehicles

Alternatively-Fuelled Vehicles (AFVs) are difficult to ignore. They are, as Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions’ new Future of Fuel report makes clear, a present and growing feature of British roads. 58,657 alternatively-fuelled cars were registered in the first six months of this year, which is 280% higher than four years ago.

The report also makes it clear that fleets cannot afford to ignore AFVs. Our sums show that electricity would be approximately 15 pence per mile cheaper than petrol or diesel for vans, and 38 pence per mile cheaper than diesel for HGVs. Over the combined 65.7 billion miles commercial vehicles travel each year, the fuel savings would total approximately £13.7 billion.

Thankfully, many fleet managers are aware of these benefits. We know this because we asked them. The Future of Fuel report contains the results of a survey that Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions conducted earlier this year, and which found that 62% of fleets now contain AFVs. What’s more, 82% of fleet professionals believe that it is important for fleets to move towards AFVs.

However, it’s not an entirely happy story. Fleet managers name infrastructure and vehicle costs as the biggest obstacles in the way of AFVs. Other frequently-cited concerns include electric vehicle range, as well as the availability of suitable gas and biodiesel vehicles.

We shan’t spoil all of the survey findings, nor all of the other parts of the report, here. Suffice to say, the Future of Fuel report is your one-stop guide to this exciting area of fleet policy. It details the different types of alternative fuel; their benefits and drawbacks for different types of work; the Government legislation relating to their use; as well as, of course, the views of other fleet professionals.

Please download a free copy of the report and if you have any questions about its contents, or about AFVs in general, then do get in touch with one of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions’ experts.

The future is a greener place. We can help you get there.

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