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The importance of Tyre Safety Month

20161013_The importance of tyre safety month

Tyre safety is an important topic for us on this blog - the below graph shows exactly why.

Last year, there were 908 casualties in accidents caused by faulty tyres. 115 people have been killed in such accidents over the past five years.

We mention this because October is Tyre Safety Month, an annual campaign by the charity TyreSafe to encourage drivers to make sure their tyres are, well, safe. ‘Don’t chance it, check it!’ is this year’s key message.

According to TyeSafe’s survey, a quarter of drivers wait until their tyres have already worn down below the legal minimum tread depth before replacing them. If we’re to reduce the number of accidents, drivers need to check their tyres regularly and replace them before they become dangerous.

TyreSafe is reminding drivers to check their tyres’ pressure, condition and tread depth at least once a month. Essentially, you should make every month your tyre safety month.

As well as checking your tyres, you might also want to check out two recent posts on this blog that can help you manage your tyres safely.

Our National Account Manager, Gary Banister, recently explained why it’s so important for fleets to check their tyres, and how to go about it. This included what to look for on your daily walk-round checks of your vehicles, as well as the finer points of wheel alignment.

We followed this up by concentrating on tyre pressure. A survey we undertook showed how widespread under-inflated tyres are in commercial fleets: the average tyre we checked was a shocking 10 pounds per square inch below the pressure it should’ve been. We offered tips for fleet managers to ensure their tyres are properly inflated, helping them to save money and – most importantly – lives.

Tyre Safety Month is about raising awareness of the dangers of faulty tyres, and helping drivers make sure their tyres are always safe. Let’s hope it works and that next October, when Tyre Safety Month comes round again, we’ll have something to celebrate.

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