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The best of the gas industry

We’re not always about policies and technologies on this blog. Earlier this week, we spent a delightful afternoon under the chandeliers of the Hilton on London’s Park Lane for the annual Gas Industry Awards.

These awards, which are put on by the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers, along with the Energy & Utilities Alliance, are exactly as they sound: they recognise the best individuals and companies in the gas industry.




It was quite some ceremony. Over 600 people gathered for a tasty lunch in one of the Hilton’s grandest rooms – as shown in my photograph, above – and we were regaled by the host for the occasion, the broadcaster John Inverdale. He was on particularly fine form, even making a good-natured joke at his mother’s expense. She has taken up running, apparently – so her family often have no idea where she is!

The awards themselves were presented by Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth, who, as the Parliament Under-Secretary of State for the Department of Energy and Climate Change, knows a thing or two about the gas industry. And the winners? They’re all listed on the IGEM website.

A hearty, Hitachi Capital congratulations goes out to all of them, as does our gratitude to the awards organisers.

It will be hard to top this year’s event in 2017, although we’re sure you’ll manage to do so. We’re already looking forward to it.

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