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Our new report to keep fleet operators and drivers up-to-date

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Last October, we published our first Fleet Insider: Mid-year Review, for the financial year of 2016-17. This document was our one-stop guide to all the economic, legislative and technological developments that matter to fleet professionals.

Except nothing can ever really be a one-stop guide. Policies keep coming, statistics keep changing, developments keep happening; which is why we have produced a new document – the first of our updates to the Mid-year Review.

This update is not intended to replace the Mid-year Review, but should instead supplement it. It brings you up-to-date with everything that has happened in the intervening period. Among its pages you will find:

  • The first official economic forecasts since Britain’s decision to leave the European Union
  • How the market for alternatively-fuelled vehicles grew to new heights in 2016
  • What Philip Hammond’s first Autumn Statement meant for Fuel Duty, Salary Sacrifice and Company Car Tax
  • An explanation of the latest plans to combat air pollution in London and beyond
  • What Tesla and Uber have done recently to bring forward the age of autonomous motoring
  • How mobile phones are contributing to more road accidents than ever

We hope this is a useful resource for you. Look out for our next update later this year.

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