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Introducing our #DrivingHomeForChristmas campaign


It’s not just the Chris Rea song. Driving and Christmas go together like… well, mistletoe and wine. Whether it's picking up a turkey from the local supermarket, taking the kids to see Santa’s grotto, or visiting your parents back home, we all do a lot of motoring in December.

That’s why Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions is launching its #DrivingHomeForChristmas campaign today. It’s all about staying safe on the road, celebrating the journeys that define the season, and the little things that make them special for you.

How to get involved

Simply head to a social media platform of your choice – Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – and use our #DrivingHomeForChristmas hashtag to share your experiences. It could be a story from years gone by, a photo of a hearty roadside meal, or a link to your favourite Christmas radio song. We’ll share the best on our own social feeds.

We have another request, and it’s an important one: please get involved safely. Our campaign is a reason for you to take a break this December. Find somewhere warm and safe off the road before getting in touch with us. You shouldn’t, of course, ever use your mobile phone whilst driving.

Through our advent calendar, we’ll be publishing helpful information and interesting articles about motoring safety, mobiles, motorsport and more in the coming weeks. After all, #DrivingHomeForChristmas shouldn’t just be an enjoyable pursuit. It should be a safe one too.

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