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Top 10 safety tips for fleet operators

20160824_Gary Banister’s Top 10 safety tips for fleet operators

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions’ National Account Manager Gary Banister recently shared his insights about road safety with us on this blog. As a brief addendum to that post, here are Gary’s top ten safety tips for fleet operators:

1. Make sure your vehicles are compliant with the latest legislation - click here for a round-up of current and future legislative plans.

2. Check your vehicles every day. This can’t just be an annual or even monthly exercise.

3. It’s worth concentrating on the vehicles’ tyres, as they cause a lot of incidents. A proper tyre management programme, designed to ensure that those tyres are safe and legal, is essential.

4. Make sure that your drivers are as safe as they can be. This might mean monitoring the number of hours that they drive, giving them breaks, and generally fulfilling your duty of care to them.

5. A continuous education programme will also benefit your drivers. They should be able to spot risks and avoid them.

6. It’s helpful to be involved in, and perhaps even design your own, safety campaigns. Some of these can be timed for particularly risky moments of the year, such as when summer starts shifting towards winter.

7. All of this needs to happen within a proper framework. Organisations should have a good fleet and safety audit policy.

8. Have a post-incident investigation process. This can feed into an organisation’s driver education programme.

9. Appoint somebody to champion the cause of road safety within your organisation, so that this issue is never allowed to fade from mind.

10. A culture change is necessary in many organisations. Anyone who spends a large part of their day driving should see themselves as a driver first and, say, a delivery person second.


There are many more thing fleet operators can to to ensure that their vehicles operate safely and responsibly when out on the road. Tailor your activities to your organisational needs so you can develop safety tips that are relevant to you.

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