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Fleet cars now represent over half of the new car market

20160831_Fleet cars now represent over half of the new car market [1]

We normally blog about the car registration statistics on a quarterly basis. But something stood out to us so prominently from the latest statistics – for July, published at the beginning of August – that we thought we’d make an exception.

What is that something? It’s captured by the graph below, although it might need some explaining in words. In the year to this July, a total of 2,677,353 new cars were registered in the UK. 1,216,598 of these went to private individuals; 1,354,344 into fleets and 106,411 were classed as business sales.

This means that fleets now account for over half – 50.6 per cent, to be precise – of all new car registrations made across the year. And it has been that way for three months now, so this isn’t just some strange blip. In the year to May, 50.1 per cent of all new cars were registered into fleets. In the year to June it was 50.4 per cent.

Admittedly, this isn’t the first time this has happened – but it is the first time for a while. Fleet last hit the 50 per cent mark, for one month only, in December last year. Before that, it was January 2013.

Taken together, fleet and business registrations now add up to 54.6 per cent of the new car market. It’s the sort of fact that makes you cheerier about the economy.


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