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Cut through the noise with our Mid-year Review

20161011_Cut through the noise with our mid-year review

These are uncertain times for motorists. Some of the uncertainty is economic: how will Brexit affect our markets? Some of the uncertainty is political: what will the policies of Theresa May’s Government look like? And some of the uncertainty is actually quite exciting: will we all be gliding around in cars designed by Apple and Google in several years’ time?

Which is why we at Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions have put together a Mid-year Review, which you can download here. It is our guide for fleet managers and fleet drivers providing you with the most valuable commodity of all: information. It comprises seven sections:

  • The Market. Car sales are on the up and up: new registrations increased by 4.3 per cent in the year to June 2016. This section looks at the car market more generally, as well as at the wider economy.
  • Budget 2016. All the policies that matter from George Osborne’s last Budget, including his freeze on fuel duty and his plans for company car tax.
  • Other Tax and Finance Policies. These are the policies that were announced outside of March’s Budget, yet will nonetheless affect fleets and their drivers. This section explains, among other things, the incoming system of Vehicle Excise Duty and the new lease accountancy standards.
  • £88 billion is expected to be spent on transport infrastructure – including HS2 and major road renovations – over the next five years. All the details are here.
  • Our vehicles are getting greener: average CO2 emissions of new cars have fallen by 28 per cent over the past decade. We look at the policies that will make them greener still, such as incentives for electric cars and London’s low emission zone.
  • From cars that run on alternative fuels to cars that drive themselves, it’s an exciting time in motoring – and not just for motorists. This section also considers the latest production techniques that are revolutionising factories.
  • 1,732 people were killed on British roads in 2015. We put this number into context, both historically and internationally.

One aspiration runs through all these sections: we want this document to be a reliable point of reference in a constantly changing environment.

But, of course, this Review is subject to uncertainty itself. It cannot account for any new policies that might be introduced. It cannot predict the ebbs and flows of oil supplies and fuel costs. To get around this, we shall be publishing quarterly updates – with all the latest figures and developments – in future. For even more up-to-the-minute analysis, there’s always our Expert Blog, which you’re on right now.

Please get in touch by emailing if you have any views on the report, questions, or are interested in finding out more about our services.

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