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Business Intelligence: Interview with Ryan Dearing

20170807_Business intelligence Interview with Ryan Dearing

Of all the services that Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions offers to its customers, one of the most powerful – and most modern – is Business Intelligence. To understand what it can do, we sat down with Ryan Dearing, our Business Intelligence Manager, and asked him a few questions.

What is Business Intelligence?

In a way, Business Intelligence is nothing new. Leasing companies, such as Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, have always provided their customers with information about the vehicles in their fleets.

But now we can go much further than ever before. New ways of collecting, processing and presenting data mean that, with just a few clicks, our customers can find out practically anything they want to about their fleets – and make decisions proactively, rather than having to wait for a meeting.

In this way, Business Intelligence isn’t about data for data’s sake. It’s about making fleet operations as clear as possible, so that our customers can identify safety and efficiency improvements more easily. In this way, it transforms raw data into actionable knowledge.

What's included in the Business Intelligence package?

Our Business Intelligence proposition is expansive. It starts with Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions’ online portal, Capital Control, where our customers can satisfy their basic needs – getting quotes, ordering vehicles, and so on.

From there, they can access their online reporting suite, Capital View, which is where the proper Business Intelligence comes in. This presents various flexible indicators in an easy-to-read format, particularly after the extensive redesign it received at the end of last year. Whether it’s your total spend for the month, the number of tyres you’ve had to replace due to driver behaviour, or evidence from telematics, it’s all in Capital View.

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions then supplements this with weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reporting, so that our customers know exactly what the most important pieces of data are, and what they mean. As important as the small details are, we want to make sure that the big picture is always visible.

Is there more on offer?

Yes, there is. We like to think of it as an 80-20 split. All of our customers get the 80% – that’s the package that I described above. But our Strategic Partners also have access to something else – the extra 20%.

This 20% may be a smaller part of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions’ Business Intelligence offering, but it’s where a lot of the insight lies, creating extra value and opportunities for our customers. Fundamentally, it’s a more bespoke option. We’ll sit down with you, talk through your organisation’s requirements, and build a tailored package to meet them.

The 80% part would let you know, for instance, that your organisation has received two complaints that month; what they were about; and that they’ve now been dealt with.

The 20% part would look at those two complaints; analyse whether they were driven by broader problems within the structure of your fleet; and, if so, propose changes to relieve those problems. This way, we can make our service match our customers’ requirements even more closely.

Do you need to be a computer whizz to understand Business Intelligence?

Far from it! Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions does all the dirty tech-work so that our customers don’t have to. We collect the data, sift through it, and then present it in ways that are as intuitive as they are informative. Our Capital View portal is designed to be easy for anyone to use. As I tell our customers, ‘You’re only five clicks away from your answer!’

What’s more, Business Intelligence isn’t just provided through online portals. Our reports can be digested by email or in print. We can even guide our customers through them by telephone or video conference. It’s a simple fact of life that different people like to communicate in different ways – and we’re eager to accommodate them all.    

Our aim is to make Business Intelligence as democratic as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re a finance director who does everything by telephone, or a driver carrying an iPad, we’re striving to give you all the information you need, to the right level of detail, and in the format of your choice.

What sorts of fleets would benefit from Business Intelligence?

The truth is that any fleet would benefit from Business Intelligence. Having access to more information, and then acting upon it, can only help to improve your organisation.

But some fleets stand to benefit more than others. Take specialist fleets, for example. They might contain dozens of vehicles doing critical work, along with numerous, complicated pieces of machinery – and they cannot be taken for granted. A specialist fleet must be constantly fine-tuned so that it can do its job efficiently and safely. Business Intelligence helps to enable that.

Besides, there’s a lot of money wrapped up in specialist fleets. If a vehicle isn’t working, then it’s not earning money for its organisation, and could even be costing thousands of pounds a day. All possible steps should be taken to minimise such situations.

Where can people find more information? 

Existing customers of Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions can, of course, pick up the phone to their account managers. For impartial advice, you can speak to one of our expert fleet consultants on 0343 351 9073. Otherwise, it will be worth keeping an eye on this blog – we’ll have more posts about Business Intelligence shortly.

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