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A Christmas gift we were proud to deliver

The Christmas period has been and gone, although we’d like to look back at what, for us, was one of its highlights. You might have seen it yourself. On the Boxing Day episode of Surprise Surprise, Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions donated a fully refurbished Ford Transit van to the ‘Re-Use Community Project’ in Milton Keynes. If you did miss it, you can catch up here. (Spot us on the show between 28:22 and 33:12 minutes)

We were, and are, delighted to have helped the Re-Use Community Project. It was set up in 2006 by Margaret and John Mann, as the country’s first ever community centre for collecting and distributing unwanted items. Local residents donate things they no longer need, from clothes to sofas, which are then either sold on, with the money going to various charities, or given to those who need them.    

It’s a simple idea, but a beautiful one. The testimonies recorded for Surprise Surprise are proof enough of that. ‘When I came to this area, I didn’t have a stick of furniture,’ says one old chap, ‘and you have helped me out.’ Another beneficiary adds, ‘You gave me my life back.’

What else could we do but donate a Ford Transit van to this wonderful cause, particularly in the year of the Transit’s 50th Anniversary? The van we donated was fully refurbished by our very own Vehicle Preparation Centre team at our Trowbridge campus before we handed it over. We thought this would fit in nicely with the Re-Use Community Project’s ethos: to give things a new life. Hopefully, this van will serve them happily for years to come.

To the Re-Use Community Project, we’d like to say ‘thank you’. In the words of someone they helped, ‘You do much more than give; you give from your hearts.’

For more information about the project, please visit their website.

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