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Fleet Electrification

Starting the journey to a carbon neutral fleet

A more sustainable and cleaner future is society's greatest challenge, so how can we ensure we continue to mobilise goods and people without any environmental impact?

Knowing when and how to electrify your fleet, without decreasing efficiency or increasing cost, starts with understanding your current Whole Life Costs.

Why? Because an incomplete picture of current costs will make it impossible to predict the true impact of running a decarbonised fleet. And without those comparisons, how will you decide what to do next?

Our Solution

Intelligent Fleet Decarbonisation is a unique end-to-end model that takes Big Data and creates bespoke, optimum solutions for your fleet and reduces costs along the way.

Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions are the leading experts in Intelligent Fleet Decarbonisation, with over 1 million real-world EV miles, we make it easier for fleets of all sizes and complexities to decarbonise and optimise their fleet.

How does Intelligent Fleet Decarbonisation work?

Why Fleet Decarbonisation Matters

With only two renewal cycles before electric vehicle adoption becomes mandatory, decarbonising your fleet matters and by acting now, you can make a real difference to the ease of switching and the true cost of fleet decarbonisation.

Crucial to meeting sustainability targets

Up to 70% saving on fuel costs

Supports New Business Wins

Builds Customer Trust & Loyalty

How we are supporting fleets with electrification

We are also the only leasing provider to offer an end-to-end decarbonisation solution by planning your journey based on your business needs, implement the infrastructure you need to mobilise your electric fleet and manage the continuous optimisation to a fully decarbonised fleet. 

EV Salary Sacrifice

Depot & Workplace Charging

Alternative Fuels

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