Driving Instructor FAQs

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions:

If you can’t find the answer to your questions here, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.


Breakdown Cover

Who do I call for roadside assistance?

For the first year, your vehicle is covered by the manufacturer's Roadside Assistance service. After the first year, breakdown recovery is provided by the RAC. All you need to do contact Hitachi Capital on 0343 351 9000 opt 1 for breakdown recovery. We will endeavour to be with you within 60-90 minutes.

Please be aware Breakdown Recovery is only to be used in the event of a mechanical breakdown. Any other non-mechanical related breakdowns i.e. Punctures, Accidents, Bulbs, filled with incorrect fuel or Driver related errors will not be authorised, any driver related faults with your vehicle are your responsibility.

What is covered by roadside assistance?

Breakdown recovery can only to be used in the event of a mechanical breakdown. Any other non-mechanical related breakdowns, such as punctures, accidents, blown bulbs or driver related damage, will not be authorised and it is your responsibility to pay for these.

Can I get a replacement car?

Yes, if your vehicle is off the road due to a mechanical defect. We operate a 48-hour breakdown policy which starts from when you notify us that the vehicle is off the road and in the garage. It is your responsibility to notify us of any breakdown. Please contact our breakdown team for assistance by calling 0343 351 9073


Servicing your vehicle

Is it my responsibility to ensure the car is serviced?

Yes, it is your responsibility to ensure the car is serviced in line with the service intervals specified. We require your vehicle to be serviced within one month or 1,000 miles after the service interval. Failure to maintain the vehicle as per the manufacturer's guidelines may result in you being charged for invalidating the warranty.

Where do I take my car for a service?

You need to take it to the nearest approved dealer. 

Who pays for the car to be serviced?

We will cover the cost of your service, provided you have a maintained lease agreement with us. The garage must contact us for authorisation, prior to commencing work on the vehicle. Once the approved work has been carried out, payment will be made direct to the garage.

We will cover the cost of all service items listed in the BVRLA's fair wear and tear guide.

Can I get a copy of the service history?

Yes, for the service history of your vehicle, please check the service book or the sticker placed in the front window. If you have a servicing query, you can call us on 0343 351 9073 


Tyre Replacement

Who will pay for the replacement of tyres?

We will replace tyres as part of our 'no-quibble tyres' policy for customers who have entered a lease agreement with us from March 2017 onward. All replacement tyres will be premium brand. For existing customers, or customers who have signed a lease agreement with us prior to 2017, please refer to your lease agreement.

It is your responsibility to ensure the locking wheel nut key is kept safe and not damaged.

Where can I get my tyres replaced?

Tyres must be replaced by ATS Euromaster.



What do I have to pay to lease a car?

At the beginning of a lease we require a £45 non-refundable documentation fee, plus one month rental prior to the delivery of your new vehicle. The fixed monthly lease costs will depend on the term and mileage options you choose.

What information do you need before I lease?

At the beginning of a lease we require a copy of your ADI/PDI badge and driving licence.


General FAQs

What do I do when my car tax expires?

The paper tax disc was abolished on 1 October 2014 so you will not receive a tax disc in the post but Hitachi Capital will continue to tax your vehicle.

I want to take my car abroad, do I need any additional paperwork?

Yes, please call 0343 351 9073 to notify us of any travel abroad. 


AdBlue FAQs

What is AdBlue and what are the benefits?

AdBlue is a harmless, colourless fluid which creates a chemical reaction in the exhaust pipe. It is used by BlueHDi Citroen and Peugeot diesel engines to lower nitrous oxide emissions by up to 85%.

It’s essentially a clever way to reduce your car’s environmental impact without compromising on performance.

What do I need to do?

Over time the AdBlue in the tank will be used up. Just as with your fuel level, you should be aware of the amount of AdBlue you have left.

How will I know when the AdBlue is running low?

Citroen or Peugeot AdBlue models will remind you with a warning light and a message, detailing how much AdBlue you have left.

The warning light will give you plenty of advance warning before you have to top up, so don’t panic. From the point of being notified, you will see the message every 150 miles until the AdBlue has been topped up. Please refer to your vehicle handbook for more information on the warning light and to see example icons.

It’s important not to let the AdBlue run out. If it does run out, your vehicle will continue to run as normal until you come to a stop and turn off the engine. Before you’ll be able to get going again you’ll need to make sure the AdBlue is topped up.

What you need to know about topping up AdBlue

You typically need to top your AdBlue up every 12,500 miles, depending on your driving style. 

If your vehicle requires an AdBlue top-up outside of your normal service schedule it is your responsibility to get it refilled just like you would with other fluids in your vehicle.

Citroen and Peugeot recommend you pop into a dealer to get the AdBlue topped up as the tank can be tricky to access. This is payable by you and would normally cost £10-£20.  AdBlue is a consumable product, such as fuel or washer fluid, so therefore not covered under your contract outside of normal service schedules.

However, if you wish to refill the AdBlue yourself, please ensure the engine is switched off and that your vehicle is on a flat surface. Please refer to the vehicle handbook to find the location of the AdBlue tank.

Important notes

Do not ignore the AdBlue warning light. If the tank runs out then the vehicle can’t be restarted after the engine has been switched off. To enable the engine to restart, a minimum of 3.8 litres of AdBlue must be added.

If you choose to buy AdBlue and refill it yourself, please make sure:

  • You keep it out of reach of children
  • Always read the best before date on the expiration date label, as out-of-date AdBlue can be harmful to your engine
  • Avoid direct skin contact with the AdBlue fluid as well as contact with external surfaces of the car
  • Remember to turn the engine off and have your vehicle on a flat surface before you refill the AdBlue tank