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In light of new Government guidance and lockdown measures, we will carefully consider and review our services, ensuring our supply chain partners are able to continue to operate safely. We are working alongside our partners and network to ensure there is as little disruption as possible to our customers. We want to assure you that customer and colleague safety remains our number one priority.

We have put together a list of FAQs, alongside relevant contact details. Please can we ask you to read these to see if it will help answer your query, before calling us.

Last updated: April 2021

Vehicle Orders & Delivery

Q: I have ordered a new vehicle, will I still receive my delivery? 

A: Yes, we are delivering as normal with all COVID-19 safety measures in place. If you have ordered through one of our Associates, please contact the Associate direct to discuss the delivery. If you have any queries during this time please email

Q: Delivery of new vehicles from a dealership to you

The dealer or associate will call you to arrange delivery and will be happy to go through any queries or concerns you may have regarding your new vehicle delivery. They will also discuss the following additional measures that have been put in place, in line with the latest BVRLA guidance, to protect both you and our supplying partners:

  • Upon arrival at your delivery location, the delivery agent will call you to announce their arrival and not approach the door.
  • The surfaces of the vehicle that could have been in contact with the delivery agent will be protected by covers and/or wiped with sanitised wipes in front of you. This also includes keys.
  • You will be requested to sanitise the keys for any return vehicle during the delivery arrangement call with the dealer.
  • Social distancing (2 metres apart) will be observed at all times and the delivery driver will explain the controls within the vehicle and offer to guide you to use them rather than get in the vehicle and perform the task for you.
  • If you wish to and are happy to sign the paperwork for the vehicle, the paperwork will remain in the car and you should use your own pen. If a hand-held device is used for signature this will also be sanitised by the delivery driver prior to use. If you are not happy to sign the documentation the dealer will read the agreement note to you and if you are happy, will sign on your behalf. There may be additional steps they need to take for proof of delivery, but they will discuss these with you prior to the document being signed.

Q: I have a vehicle ordered but I’m not sure if I can afford it now due to COVID-19, what do I do?

A: We will not insist that you take delivery if you feel this would compromise your financial position further. Please contact us if you ordered direct, or the associate you ordered from to discuss your options further. Please do not worry about any cancellation fees or the cancelled sale appearing on your credit report.

Q: I am currently on a payment holiday plan with another lender but I need to replace my car, will you consider a credit application for me?

A: If you are currently serving any kind of payment holiday (deferral period) because of reduced income then we would not consider a new credit application for you at this time. Please call us to discuss extending your current agreement temporarily so that you remain mobile. If your payment holiday is over and you are repaying your holiday back to your lender (repayment period), then we will consider a new credit application for you.

Q: Can I extend my lease?

A: Yes, we are able to formally extend your current contract for 6 or 12 months if you are within 2 months of your contract end date, your payments are up-to-date and your end mileage will not be higher than 150,000 miles at the end of the extension period. If your contract is via one of our Associates, please contact the Associate directly to arrange, if your contract is with Hitachi Capital Directly then please contact us on 03444 632 900.

Q: My vehicle is due to be collected as my lease has ended, will it still be collected?

A: Yes, we are still arranging collections. As a minimum we require our partners to adhere to the BVRLA guidance and have completed a risk assessment as per UK Government requirements. We have also implemented a process to monitor suppliers to ensure they are adhering to the guidance, including stringent hygiene controls and maintaining recommended social distancing at all times. If you have any questions around your collection, please email


Maintenance & Servicing

Q: Can I still get my car serviced or booked in for maintenance?

A: Routine vehicle services, MOTs and compliance events will continue and all customers should attend bookings as planned. All vehicle repairers will remain open as long as they are abiding COVID-19 safety regulations.

Q: What happens if I breakdown, can I still call for assistance? 

A: Our current breakdown network across the UK is open and operational. Our Accredited Parts provider is still working with centres and there is no interruption to supply at this time. If you breakdown, please call 03444 632900 > Option 1

Q: I have a non-urgent general enquiry about maintenance and servicing, who do I contact? 

A:For non-urgent enquiries regarding MOTs, Maintenance & Servicing please email



Q: My income has significantly reduced or stopped, what options do I have as I may now struggle to meet payments? 

A: We understand that you may be affected by COVID-19 and are concerned about making your payments. We would like to reassure you that we are dealing with all of our customer’s enquiries on a case by case basis, whether you are a private or business customer. If your income has been impacted by COVID-19 and you will struggle to meet your payments, please contact us using the below details:

We will happily discuss the options available for you and take into account your current circumstances, to try and offer you the support you need.

Q: Can I make a payment online? 

Of course, due to high call volumes we are encouraging customers to make payments using our online payment system, where possible. To make an online payment, visit and have your registration number and account number to hand.

Q: Will missed payments affect my credit file? 

A: It has been agreed by the UK Credit Reference Agencies that during this period of uncertainty, if you have an agreed Payment Deferral, reporting will be made using the same status that was provided before the start of your Payment Deferral period. For example, if your agreement was up to date before the Payment Deferral commenced, it will continue to be shown as such, if it was 1 payment in arrears it would show 1 payment in arrears etc.

The only exception being if you were in arrears before the Payment Deferral commenced and then reduce your arrears during this period, then this will be updated on your credit file.

Q: Will missed payments prevent me from getting a new vehicle from you in future?

A: We are taking the view that COVID-19 is unprecedented. As long as you keep us informed of your personal circumstances throughout this period and adhere to any special terms that we agree to, we will not consider this as ‘detrimental information’ when you apply for a new vehicle from us.

We will still take into account the conduct of your agreement for the period outside of the COVID-19 epidemic and we will still conduct our normal checks to ensure you can comfortably afford the vehicle on any new application for a new vehicle.