Improving fleet and driver performance through data and insights Telematics

In-vehicle telematics captures real-time driver behaviour and vehicle performance data, every time a fleet vehicle makes a journey. The information it provides can help you make informed fleet management decisions and optimise your fleet’s efficiency.

Telematics data can help reduce operational costs by helping to improve driver and vehicle performance. It can highlight areas of risk and in turn, help you to meet compliance and duty of care obligations. Importantly for many businesses, telematics also enables you to monitor your fleet’s environmental impact.


How it works

Automated tools

Our telematics solution enables you to access an automated reporting dashboard from your laptop or smartphone, so you can see how your fleet is performing in real-time and make immediate decisions.

Valuable insights

Telematics data provides a wide range of insights, including driver performance, fuel usage and CO2 emissions. This data can help establish maintenance procedures that reduce vehicle downtime. In the event of an incident or accident, it can also be used to validate insurance claims.

Expert analysis

As a Hitachi Capital customer, our expert teams will analyse your telematics data before presenting recommendations for fleet and driver improvements, to help optimise fleet performance.


The benefits

Whether you already have in-vehicle telematics for your fleet and need help analysing the data, or are looking for a complete end-to end solution, from hardware installation to the provision of fleet and driver recommendations, our telematics solutions can help:

  • Integrates with existing telematics solution if required
  • Provides recommendations for improvement, based on business-critical factors
  • Promotes positive driver behaviour and identifies risks such as speeding and driver fatigue
  • Identifies potential problems before they arise
  • Enhances residual vehicle values
  • Optimises your fleet through better reporting and analysis

Our fleet services

We provide a range of fleet services to support your car fleet operations. Find out more about each service via our fleet services page.

We also help businesses across the UK finance their car fleets. Our funding overview page helps you work out which finance model will best suit your business. Or, for impartial advice, speak to one of our expert fleet consultants on 0343 351 9073.

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