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Effective fleet management helps you meet business objectives, safeguard employees, maintain regulatory compliance, drive down costs and improve customer satisfaction levels.

Optimising your fleet by introducing an effective management information (MI) solution is one of the easiest means of controlling your fleet operation. Our MI package provides clear, automated reports against agreed key performance indicators (KPIs) from a range of data sources including in-vehicle telematics, damage/incident reports, mileage capture, carbon emission information and fleet availability/downtime statistics.


How it works

Online fleet management

Data is gathered in real-time and processed to present business-critical information on your fleet’s performance. Our online portal lets you view headline reports at a glance, or drill down to view information on specific drivers or vehicles.

Bespoke reporting

Our MI and reporting tools can be configured to meet your specific requirements. Receive consolidated management information covering your entire fleet, providing total visibility of all aspects of fleet performance, utilisation and costs.

Proactive management

MI and fleet management reports are analysed regularly by our dedicated team of experts, who work with you to evaluate your fleet’s performance in detail, helping you to develop effective fleet optimisation strategies and make continuous efficiency improvements.


The benefits

Our online fleet management portal does the hard work for you, providing clear, automated reports that enable you to make important operational decisions.

  • Real-time data at your fingertips, 24/7
  • Visibility of all fleet and driver data in one central online location
  • Dashboards providing top-level or in-depth information as required
  • Support from a dedicated team of data analysts & BI professionals
  • Import data from fuel cards, compliance records and more


Our fleet services

We provide a range of fleet services to support your car fleet operations. Find out more about each service via our fleet services page.

We also help businesses across the UK finance their car fleets. Our funding overview page helps you work out which finance model will best suit your business. Or, for impartial advice, speak to one of our expert fleet consultants on 0343 351 9073.

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