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Welcome to Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions’ Full Beam. We bring together the best articles covering a single important topic for fleet professionals from our Expert Blog and supplement them with exclusive new content.

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Our first topic is a particularly important and timely one for the fleet industry: the need to reduce vehicle emissions, and how to make it happen.

Within Full Beam, you will find

  • Advice for starting your journey to zero emissions. Our expert consultants can help to develop a tailored, pragmatic solution that reduces your emissions while keeping your costs down.
  • A summary of the debate about diesel vehicles. Concerns about air pollutants, such as NO2, has grown in recent years. Diesel vehicles are at the centre of this concern – but they are getting cleaner all the time.
  • An explanation of Low Emission Zones and Clean Air Zones. Various councils are working on their own measures to encourage the use of ultra-low emission vehicles. Here’s what those measures could mean for you.
  • Guidelines for going electric. It all starts with an important question: which type of vehicle is right for which job?
  • A taxonomy of alternatively-fuelled vehicles. From hydrogen to Compressed Natural Gas, we describe the major types of alternative fuel and their environmental friendliness.
  • Information about electric vans. The number of ultra-low emission vans in the UK has risen by 60% in the last three years. New regulatory changes could hasten that rise.
  • A description of the new emissions testing regime. The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure was introduced in 2017 – and it could have implications for fleets’ tax bills.




The information within Full Beam should help you to plan your journey to zero emissions. For more on the topic, please visit the Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions Expert Blog and consult our in-depth Future of Fuel report


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