Is your fleet policy keeping pace with the current rate of change?

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There is so much change taking place: WLTP, rising Company Car Tax rates, new Lease Accounting Standards, emission targets, the Finance Bill, diesel taxes, ULEZ, Clean Air Zones, increase in fuel duty, electrification, autonomous technologies…

As the factors affecting your fleet costs change, your policy must keep pace. Organisations that do not adapt their approach to account for changes may find their costs rising significantly. 

It is a challenge for any fleet professional to stay on top of all this change!

So, ask yourself, is your current fleet provider helping you navigate these challenging times? Is your fleet policy flexible enough, not just for today, but for the future? Are you capitalising on the technology integrated into today's vehicles? Are your employees turning away from the company car and opting for the cash alternative? If so, do you know what vehicles they are driving - are they as safe or as clean as they should be? Is your fleet policy supporting your organisation's CSR strategy?

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The Consultancy team at Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions regularly publish papers and articles offering expert, impartial information and insights about the changing fleet environment.

Whether you are an HR manager responsible for your company car and perk fleet, or a Fleet manager responsible for trucks, plant and specialist assets, our insights will help you stay informed and prepared for the coming changes.

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