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We believe the success of a business relies on its people. That's why we've developed 'Something For Everyone' - an employee benefit car scheme that works for both employees and employers. For employees, it provides a wide choice of car finance options from one of the UK's leading leasing providers. For employers, it offers a benefits policy that helps to attract and retain the very finest talent in the industry.

We've said goodbye to the 'one-size-fits-all' car schemes of yesterday, and hello to the future of flexible employee benefit schemes.

A quick guide to Salary Sacrifice for cars... the Government introduced changes to Salary Sacrifice schemes for cars in its 2016 Autumn Statement, meaning that from 6th April 2017, employees choosing a company car where a cash alternative is available, or through a Salary Sacrifice scheme, will be taxed on the greater of the benefit - either the cash alternative available, or the Salary Sacrifice gross amount. However, there are still numerous benefits for employees who opt for a car through Salary Sacrifice. The first is that ultra-low emission vehicles (with CO2 emissions of less than 75g/km), won't be affected by any of the Government's changes. What's more, cars chosen through a Salary Sacrifice scheme come with insurance, servicing, maintenance and accident and breakdown cover as standard. There's no deposit to pay, and no credit checks to worry about - all of this, for a regular, fixed monthly payment.


We've got five great value options for employees to choose from:


  • Salary Sacrifice for 'green' cars - by choosing an Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV), meaning any car emitting 75g/km of CO2 or less, you get all the regular benefits of car Salary Sacrifice, but you can also make some pretty big tax savings too. Instead of paying for the car out of your regular ‘take home’ pay, the money is taken from your gross salary, before any other deductions are taken. This means that instead of paying Income Tax and National insurance on the amount sacrificed, you simply pay a Benefit in Kind (BIK) charge based on your car’s value and CO2 rating. As the emissions get lower, so does your tax bill. And with lots more ULEVs coming on to the market, you can now choose from a rapidly growing number of makes, models and styles.
  • Traditional Salary Sacrifice - Our traditional car Salary Sacrifice scheme is a great way to combine maximum choice with savings on vehicle servicing, insurance and breakdown cover. Add on some corporate style discounts that you’ll find hard to match anywhere else and you’re sure to get a lot more car for your money. Employees pay for Salary Sacrifice cars from their gross salary. The amount of salary 'sacrificed' is then subject to tax. As with all Salary Sacrifice car schemes, employees do not have to pay a deposit and do not have to go through a credit check.
  • Personal Leasing - a Personal Lease is a contract between the individual and Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions. The lease doesn’t affect the employee's eligibility for a Salary Sacrifice vehicle. Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions work with all car manufacturers, so employees can lease any make and model they wish. The benefit to the employee is that the car contract is directly with us, therefore they do not have to worry about handing it back should they move on from the company. It also means the employee doesn't have to worry about BIK tax on the vehicle.
  • Buy an ex-lease car - Buying a used car doesn't have to mean taking chances on a second hand vehicle with an unknown history. By purchasing an ex-lease car from Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions, your employees know it’s already been properly looked after and maintained, and to ease any doubts, every car comes with a full service history and a free six month warranty.
  • Personal Car Loan - whichever car your employees are looking for, and wherever they want to get it from, Hitachi Personal Finance could provide the funds needed to get behind the wheel. Your employees can take out a loan of £2,500 to £25,000, and the rates offered are some of the most competitive around. And because we like to keep things simple, there are no hidden charges or set-up fees to worry about. What's more, by applying online we can provide an approval decision in minutes.


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