Fleet sale and leaseback

A simple way to release capital and give your business a swift cash injection Sales and Leaseback


If you have capital tied up in your vehicle fleet, which you think could be put to better use elsewhere in your business, then selling your fleet to a leasing provider and leasing them back from that provider, may be a suitable solution for you.


How it works

We’ll review your fleet, looking at the age, condition and specification for each vehicle. We’ll use this information to work out a fair market value for both the sale and the future monthly leasing payments on your vehicles and will agree an annual mileage limit with you.

If you agree with our valuations and decide to enter into a leasing agreement with us, we’ll transfer the fleet sale funds to you electronically and start your lease.

You pay a single monthly payment for leasing each vehicle for the duration of the contract. This payment includes servicing costs and repair bills. We take on the administration and maintenance of your fleet, and at the end of the lease period you simply hand the vehicle back to us.

Your fleet vehicles would no longer appear on your company balance sheet, so you’ll see a reduction in recorded assets. What’s more, the sale of your fleet can provide a cash injection for your company.

If your company is VAT registered you can claim back up to 100% of the VAT on the monthly lease payments and maintenance.


The benefits

  • Release capital tied up in your fleet to fund other areas of your business – fleet cars no longer appear on your balance sheet
  • Fixed monthly payments allow for easy budgeting and improved cash flow
  • We take on the risk – so you no longer need to worry about depreciation
  • Save time and money on administration -  we take on full service maintenance of your fleet


Is Sale and Leaseback right for you?

Is Sale & Leaseback right for you?

Our Sale and Leaseback option may not be right for everyone:

It may suit you if your business needs a swift cash injection without increased borrowing, and if you would benefit from fixed cost budgeting, outsourced maintenance and vehicle / driver administration.

It may not suit you if you’ve purchased your fleet with finance methods that prevent a Sale & Leaseback option, if your mileage is unpredictable, or if you would prefer to own your fleet vehicles.

Take a look at our funding overview page for other options that may suit your business better or speak to one of our experienced fleet consultants on 0343 351 9073.

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