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Hitachi Capital offers a selection of Vauxhall lease deals to suit your needs and budget.

Serving as the UK arm of General Motors – one of the world’s biggest companies which also produces vehicles in 37 countries under brands including Chevrolet and GMC – Vauxhall is a brand that has focused on building practical, family-friendly vehicles. It offers conventional models as well as more niche designs, and also has the distinction of being one of the biggest-selling car brands in the UK.

Founded as a pump and marine engine manufacturer in 1857, Vauxhall spent some time producing travelling cranes before eventually getting into car manufacturing in 1903. Post-World War II, the vehicles became more mass-market, and now most models are principally engineered in Germany. The Vauxhall brand has also been actively involved in motorsports like rallying and the British Touring Car Championship at various points throughout history.

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Why lease your Vauxhall with Hitachi Capital

Leasing your Vauxhall with Hitachi Capital is simple. All you need to do is choose your car, pick a lease period, and agree on annual mileage. You’ll then pay a fixed monthly fee and will soon be driving around in your shiny new Vauxhall.

Hitachi Capital provides flexible lease deals on a number of Vauxhall vehicles, including the sporty Corsa, city cars like the Adam, and simpler models like the Viva.

If you’d like more information on how to lease your new Vauxhall with Hitachi Capital, contact us today.

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