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Hitachi Capital has a range of Dacia lease options to suit your financial needs.

Perhaps not as widely known as some other automobile brands, Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer that provides basic, utilitarian vehicles up for the UK, European, and North African markets. The prices are considered very reasonable, and much of the range has been co-developed with Renault, which bought the company in the late 1990s.

Dacia takes its name from the historic name for the region of Romania where it is based. It was originally founded there in the mid-1960s, but has been a subsidiary of Renault, the French car manufacturer, since 1999. The brand boasts a variety of sturdy and capable vehicles, including the 4x4 Duster, the Logan MCV, the supermini that they call Sandero, and the SUV hatchback known as the Sandero Stepway.

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Why lease your Dacia with Hitachi Capital

Leasing your Dacia with Hitachi Capital couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve chosen your car, pick a lease period and then agree on annual mileage – soon enough you’ll be taking ownership of your brand-new Dacia!

Hitachi Capital provides flexible lease deals on a number of Dacia models, including the Sandero and the Duster.

To find out more about leasing your new Dacia with Hitachi Capital, get in touch with us today.

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