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Van leasing for sole traders, large and complex fleets

Every fleet is different, and if you've got an LCV fleet, we understand it will be a crucial part of your business. As your partner we will ensure your fleet works hard for you, your business and you drivers, whilst making cost savings and putting safety at the top of your priorities.

Leasing Company of the Year 2019, 2020 & 2021

More than 20,000 vehicles

"Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions has been named Leasing Company of the Year - 20,000 plus Vehicles for the third successive year. With a customer base covering everything from online super markets to food bank collections to blood delivery, the leasing company has played a significant role in keeping UK fleets moving during the pandemic"

More than just a van

Not only can we spec, build and manage any van to suit your business needs, we can manage what's on the inside too.

With our Intelligent Asset Management we can track and analyse your fleet, giving you real time data that:

  • Tracks and manages your assets at depots and compounds
  • Allows you to see which vehicles are working on site and which are off-road
  • Record what tools and equipment are on each asset recording when the equipment needs replenished or has been lost or stolen
  • Minimise downtime

Van & Truck Leasing Company of the Year

Van Leasing Company of the Year

Truck Leasing Company of the Year

Why Lease with HCVS?

We know how important it is for your business to be completely supported throughout the lifecycle of your fleet. So we offer you a genuine one-stop outsourcing solution for your entire fleet of vehicles and assets. We are unique in supporting organisations operating multi asset fleets including LCV. We fund, design, manage and build vehicles to any specification; whatever the mission, we can deliver a solution.

Build Management

Renewal Management

Downtime Management

Clean Air Zones

Cost Savings

Is your van fleet CAZ ready?

A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is an area in which a local authority has brought measures into place to improve the air quality and unless your fleet vehicles are covered by a specific exemption, vehicles you will face extra charges when travelling through any of the charging CAZ.

In the case of London’s CAZ, this could mean an extra annual cost of up to £3,263 per van (based on 261 working days a year), or an eye-watering £26,100 for coaches and HGVs. Obviously, something needs to be done to prepare for this, but what?

Of course, avoiding CAZ will not always be possible, especially as the number of zones and coverage areas will increase in the coming years, however, the surest way to minimize CAZ charges and restrictions is to operate as many vehicles as possible that meet minimum emission standards. A worthy aim in itself, especially given the major health and environmental problems that have prompted CAZ to appear in the first place.

Let us help you on your journey to a lower emission fleet, by choosing the right vehicles for you, based on your business requirements.

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You could face an extra annual cost of up to £3,263 per van (based on 261 working days a year)

You could face an extra annual cost of up to £3,263 per van (based on 261 working days a year)

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