The 5 major benefits of Sale and Leaseback

We recently interviewed James Bligh, our National Sales Manager for Specialist Assets, about the benefits of Sale and Leaseback. That interview is worth reading for the full details, but we thought we’d also distil its main points into this short summary.

Here, then, are the five biggest reasons to choose Sale and Leaseback to fund your fleet:

1. It frees up money for your business

If you own your vehicles and plant machinery outright, you’ll have a lot of cash tied up in them that could be put to other uses. Selling those assets and leasing them back can free up capital to grow your business – whether by employing new staff, expanding your premises, or making other crucial investments.

2. It frees up time for your business

Sale and Leaseback doesn’t only free up money, it also frees up your company’s valuable time. Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions will take over management of your fleet, including servicing and maintenance, thereby relieving you and your staff of the administrative burden.

3. It's more convenient

Switching to Sale and Leaseback makes budgeting easier. Your maintenance costs are fixed for the length of the contract, rather than rising as your assets get older. And it makes organisation simpler. Everything is managed by one provider using one set of processes. It’s all a lot less hassle.

4. It improves your fleet

We don’t just buy all of your existing assets and lease them back to you. We develop a full fleet strategy, taking into account your organisation’s particular needs and working out how best to serve them. Older vehicles can be replaced with newer, more reliable ones that can do the job more effectively.

5. We'll take care of everything

The service we provide doesn’t end when we lease your vehicles back to you. We’re very proud of our Total Asset Solution, which makes Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions a one-stop-service for all your fleet’s needs. We work closely with our customers to design, custom build, fund, implement, manage and maintain all their assets, from large trucks to complex machinery.

For more information about Sale and Leaseback and our Total Asset Solution, please contact us here