If the Government is serious about AFVs, it needs to do more

Gerry Keaney, Chief Executive of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, has welcomed the insight provided by Hitachi Capital Vehicle Solutions' Future of Fuel report. In his response, he argues that now is the time for the Government to get serious.

"The Government has stated that it wants to see an end to the sale of conventionally-fuelled petrol and diesel cars by 2040. The BVRLA believes that in twenty-three years from now, innovations in vehicle technology and design will inevitably deliver a road transport system driven by alternatively-fuelled vehicles (AFVs). Drivers are already moving in that direction, opting for cleaner vehicles.

If the Government is serious about improving air quality now, then it needs to accelerate this shift by introducing the right financial incentives and by providing a suitable regulatory environment and robust national infrastructure. With the right support, the fleet industry can help to drive adoption of AFVs far quicker.

Stimulating end-user demand will also be key. As demand increases for AFVs, operators will build a suitable fleet mix to meet that demand. The Government must increase awareness of emissions requirements and other environmental legislation amongst business leaders and individuals to help with their decision-making around vehicle purchase and lease. It has a role to play in educating drivers about the financial and health benefits of driving cleaner vehicles.

When the cost of acquisition is reasonable, the regulatory environment sustainable and the infrastructure reliable, the proportion of AFVs within the fleet mix will undoubtedly soar."

- Gerry Keaney, Chief Executive of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA)