How councils could install more charge points vehicles

As our Future of Fuel report confirmed, one of the biggest obstacles preventing more drivers and fleets from switching to electric vehicles is infrastructure. Motorists need to know that, when their battery gets low, there’ll be somewhere to plug in.

Recognising these concerns, the Government has introduced a number of policies designed to increase the number of charge points – both public and private – around the UK. One of the latest of these is the On-Street Residential Grant Scheme, through which local authorities can apply for money to fund new charge points for their residents.

Grants for electric vehicles

Electric vehicle owners with off-street parking can get grants covering 75% of the cost of installing a charge point through the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme.The On-Street scheme was designed to help those who don’t have a drive or a garage to switch to electric vehicles too.

Councils can apply for grants worth 75% of the cost of installing charge points on residential streets. The Government has set aside £4.5 million for these grants over the next two years. There’s just one problem: not many councils are taking up this opportunity.

Why aren't councils doing more?

According to the Department for Transport, just five local authorities had applied for grants between the launch of the scheme in 2016 and the beginning of 2018. So, last month, Transport Minister Jesse Norman and Energy Minister Claire Perry wrote to councils urging them to apply.

Perhaps some councils were simply unaware that this funding was available. Perhaps some can’t afford to cover their 25% share of the costs. Perhaps others don’t believe there’s much demand for electric charge points among their residents. Whatever the reason, it means there are still millions of pounds available for new charge points.

So, if you think your local authority should be doing more when it comes to on-street charging, why not write to your councillors yourself, encouraging them to make use of the scheme? After all, more charge points means more people switching to electric vehicles, which means less air pollution and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. That’s a goal we all share.

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