5 things to do online whilst self-isolating

Thursday 26th March 2020

Whilst you're not out on the road, and staying in to keep safe, there’s no need to experience self-isolation on your own. We all know that we can connect with friends and loved ones via FaceTime, Skype or WhatsApp, but what do you do when the conversation dries up? If you’re looking for a little inspiration, try our top five things you’ve never thought of doing online.

1) Host a virtual movie night

Just head to netflixparty.com and install the free Google Chrome extension. Once installed, pick a show to watch on Netflix and invite friends to join in via a personal URL. You can then have fun watching the same thing at the same time, with a private chat window down the side to share your opinions on the plot.

Virtual Parties

Sharing a meal or throwing a birthday party in person may be out of the question for now, but how about hosting a virtual dinner or birthday party? You can start by connecting to each other using Skype or Zoom. Once you’ve got together on screen you can all cook the same dish, or at least start with the same ingredients, sharing culinary tips or cocktail recipes as you go. Once the cooking is all done, you can share thoughts on the results and chat the night away. Our birthday's don't need to be forgotten about either, so why not ask everyone to grab some nibbles, put some music on, play games and of course grab some cake! Don't forget to all sing Happy Birthday together!

Have a Karaoke party

The thought of belting out a rock classic or a club anthem in front of a crowd of strangers on a Friday night might send you running for the hills, but how about a small group of friends connecting and sharing the embarrassment via a strictly private video chat. You’ll find plenty of Karaoke versions of your favourite melodies on YouTube and you don’t even need a microphone (unless you really want one).

Start a virtual book club

How about starting your own book club with a group of friends? It can be a physical book you all have, an audio book, or simply download the latest bestseller from Apple Books or Kindle. Once you’ve read a few chapters, or even the whole book, you can meet up online to discuss the heroes, villains and plot twists.

Let’s get ‘quizzical’

Missing Quiz Night at your local pub? How about holding a virtual quiz where you take it in turns to be the Quizmaster, setting questions that are as easy or hard as you like. And if you need a little help, why not dust off that box of Trivial Pursuit and pick a category each.