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Unleaded fuel has changed

As part of the government’s ongoing drive to reduce carbon emissions, September 1st 2021 saw the standard grade of unleaded petrol switch from E5 to E10. Not all fuel stations will have made the switch immediately but, once they do, they will cease to offer the older E5 fuel. So, what exactly is E10 and how will it affect motorists filling up at the pump?
Sep 2021 | 3 Minute Read In the News

a 'greenprint' towards decarbonised transport

Following on from last November’s 10 Point Plan aimed at accelerating the UK’s journey to net zero, the Department of Transport has now published a ‘greenprint’ to decarbonise all forms of domestic transportation by 2050. The plans are subject to consultation and there will undoubtedly be some adjustments and clarifications to the commitments made, but here are some of the key headlines.
Jul 2021 In the News

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